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After a degree in economic and social studies, Jean-Francois did Hotel School management to the highest level in his native Belgium when he first started managing his Officer's Mess in the centre of Brussels, worked in Comme Chez Soi and Villa Lorraine (3 Michelin stars) before coming to Le Gavroche and worked with the Roux Brothers for several years going through the Waterside Inn and the Restaurants and various contracts in the City working for several high profile banks. He started a conference centre, tea room, restaurant out of an old stable block in the Country before returning to London, had a spell at managing catering of a hotel before being head hunted for the RS Hispaniola where he stayed for 11 years as a partner to the then owner, consultant to a group of nine restaurants and 3 hotels. He started Jean-Francois Dor Events in 2003 when he left, is a consultant in Hotel and Catering businesses, Chairs various social and charitable committees. Jean-Francois belongs to various Clubs, Societies and Liveries.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

detailed pictures of the House

104 Rue Berckman, Brussels 1060

entrance hall

ground floor

 Please note some pictures dates from 2006 before the full refurbishment of the house or any occupation, it gives you ideas of space.

ground floor

Garden & ground floor garden room

1st floor

1st floor

view from balcony on the first floor, end of street to the left is Porte de Hal
to the right end of the street is Avenue Louise.

1st floor

2nd floor kitchen

2nd floor bathroom

2nd floor apartment

  2nd floor lawyer kitchen for staff & room/office+bathroom 

Living room/kitchen 3rd floor

staircase duplex 3/4th floor

Bedroom and separate loo 3rd floor 

view from 4th floor Palais de Justice



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